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Laudatory: We do exist! When does the world start believing in us?

27 november 2014 - Speech Petra Kelly Prize

1. What would I do?

As a sixteen-year-old girl I saw the movie The Girl with the Red Hair, a Dutch production about Hannie Schaft, one of the most famous heroines of the Dutch resistance during the Second World War. At that time, I was touched by the courage of this woman to rise up against the occupier and to fight for the liberation of the Netherlands. I remember a discussion in class: What would I do in similar circumstances? Would I have the same courage to stand up and resist when my country was suffering under a dictatorship or an occupation?


Reporting Change - Stories from the Arab Region event

15 juni 2014 - Amsterdam

Artists, photographers, human rights activists and journalists from the Arab world gathered to present personal stories, visual presentations, film, theater and music all centered on developments and changes in their region.




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